Matchmaker is back in rFactor. In case it goes down, the IP addresses and ports needed to join our servers are posted in the above menu. These are not links. You will need to write them down and save them for later use. As Mods change on the servers I’llContinue Reading

One of the best and best looking mods ever made for rFactor is the Sportscar Challenge. Cars from 2001 and 2002 series, including BMW’s Cadilacs, Vipers, Ferraris and more. Run Great Courses Like Laguna Seca, Mt. Panorama, and Road America. Watch the video (Left) to see some of the greatContinue Reading

Dirt Work Designs, developers of the finest Dirt Track Mods in rFactor are still at. OSR servers are loaded with the DWD 2020 Stocks and tracks from 2020 and 2018. Several OSR members have been out on the tracks, as well as a few future members. Thanks for your helpContinue Reading

The World Championship Off Road Racing Mod Is on the OSR servers. This is the complete Version 3 mod that includes the large Trophy trucks, buggies, beetles, and more. With courses from around the world, this is the finished, polished version for serious sim racers. Fun with a group onContinue Reading

First, thank you for taking the time to RTFM. Second, none of the content on Let’s Race rFactor belongs to or has been made by Ozzie’s Sim Racing or myself. What is here is for the enjoyment of Sim Racing, keeping rFactor 1st up and running, and history. If youContinue Reading